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Need another finals pick-me-up?  Yesterday we showed you The Morningsiders’ new video for their song “Empress.”  Today, we bring you a video set to the Jeffers Win song “I Can’t Call You (I’m in the Army).”  Columbia band, Columbia crew, and some Columbia landmarks for you to point at and say “OMG I’VE TOTALLY BEEN THERE.”  Get some brightness in your ears and eyes, enjoy below:

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  1. but really,

    where's the video?

  2. Surprised  

    That was actually really good. More please

  3. tags  

    "hipster nonsense"

  4. this is awful

    my thought process:

    1. we get it, cigarettes are cool, as is denim.

    2. yes, the lead singer is singing/talking. dissonance! awesome

    3. more cigarettes! and books! cigarettes and books!

  5. Army Vet

    I don't get it. Which one of them is in the Army? And why does that prevent them from making phone calls? Did the SPAWAR satellite break down?

    Maybe the shape-shifter guy is in the Army. He'd be more useful in the CIA though. This song raises so many questions and then doesn't answer them. Including the most important question: what did Jeffers win?

  6. At least this one's is color corrected  

    So pretty lookin'

  7. Anonymous

    Being in adp looks boring

  8. The editing is better than the song itself  

    To be honest...

  9. Anonymous  

    watch out guiz we got sum artists here

  10. Anonymous  

    I don't think it's necessary to compare them to the Morningsiders. They're different sounds, and this one is pretty damn good.

  11. Anonymous  

    I agree - morningsiders have their musical chops together way more. I think if jeffers win got serious and started caring more about things like playing together and singing in tune they could be really awesome but until that happens it's gonna be easy for people to see them as superficial hipsters. I will say that PJ writes some great lyrics though. Lots of potential, they just need to follow the example of morningsiders and bring their musicianship up to par.

  12. Anonymous  

    The toothbrush in the bottom of the bathroom mirror shot just really bothers me. I hope there was some reason that was intentional..

  13. toothbrush pa

    @Anonymous: as someone who was on set, i can reveal that days of planning went into the placement of the toothbrush alone, that got flown in directly from colgate university just for this one shoot.

  14. Anonymous  


  15. Anonymous  


  16. Jesus Christ ..

    This is some pretentious bullshit. Fucking Columbia.

  17. Augusta  

    looks like a fucking goddess. Major girl crush going on right now.

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