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Just because there’s a filter doesn’t mean it’s special

Two more days of finals! That means that either you’re either getting annoyed at your friend that’s already done or that annoying friend who has already finished a season on Netflix. In 36 hours you should be done too, so hang in there, Columbia. Don’t forget to email with any last-minute campus craziness.

Bwogline: Instagram can now use your photos in an ad without telling you, and some of the company’s users are furious. That plate of sushi with the Valencia filter was, like, my masterpiece!

Finals Tip: Stop worrying about what to buy your family for Christmas by spending all your money on Adderall.

Procrastinate: Play the game from middle school that never gets old: Mash.

Overseen: Some of us are past the point of no return:

My roommate spent all day in the Lerner computer lab yesterday, sitting next to the same man for several hours. For the first two, he was very studious. Then something happened and he sat there staring at an essay he’d printed out for an hour while he ripped up pieces of paper and crumpled them up.

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  1. Anonymous  

    So why are we joking with Adderall now?

  2. Why  

    is the purchase of adderall treated so callously? It's a dangerous amphetamine that people without a prescription use to get an unfair and unhealthy advantage... and yet Bwog treats like coffee. This kind of treatment also stigmatizes people with ADD, who use it legitimately, to focus...

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