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Well, Teen Vogue.

The newly famous

The newly famous

If you were impressed with your ability to change from pajamas into baggy sweatpants for (most of) the past three weeks, re-evaluate your wardrobe skills. The Columbia and Barnard students–including CCSC President Karishma Habbu–who got profiled by Teen Vogue this finals season managed not only to make themselves presentable, but what some (a.k.a the biggest fashion name in the country) would call stylish. The criteria seem to involve artfully baggy sweaters, grungy boots, and “two-toned’ things. View the slideshow here, and get ready to be impressed by how many layers people are able to put on when they wake up on time. But seriously, congrats for keeping it together, street stylists. We in the pajama tops and American Apparel leggings salute you.

“Street style” via Teen Vogue

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  1. seriously?

    Where the hell is Kayla Tanenbaum?

  2. NOWHERE  

    B A S I C

  3. Sarah Ryder

    she's so pretty!

  4. BioChem Major  

    Ain't nobody got time for that!

    also, plz discuss: no SEAS students, only one neurosci? what up with dat?

  5. 14  

    I saw the photographer taking pictures and kept walking past to try to get his attention. Guess I didn't make the cut...

  6. TIL

    if you can afford name brands and take the time to look presentable and are also skinny/not too dark-skinned you can be in teen vogue

    • jus' sayin'

      Hun, jealousy is not an attractive quality.

      • umm

        jealousy because i'm pointing out that a) these are not high fashion looks, they're NY casual, which is what they're supposed to be but not what i read vogue for and b) that vogue decided to only use skinny, mostly white females? would've loved to see different looking people. it's NEW YORK. we're diverse. come on.

        • okay but like  

          do you expect them to be strutting around in fucking dior? and there is diversity among the subjects. I just feel like you're trying to take something nice and simple and turn it into this symbol of something evil. let's just relaxxxxxx

          • pleaseeee

            point out the diversity for me. please. hint: anything you say won't be enough to stifle my discontent. I'm not willing to accept "diversity" because some girls have different hair colors and they threw in a couple of "dark"-skinned/asian girls. show me the black, the "plus," the male, and I will be appeased. until then i will continue to be dissatisfied by the status quo.

    • Anonymous  

      It's a fashion magazine...why would they photograph fat people wearing pajamas

  7. Anonymous

    Columbia is the fashion capital school of the country!


    I generally find that wearing a red feather in my hair and carrying an ostrich helps, all while doing somersaults. Of course, the girls who go noticed probably employed, shall we say, "cruder" methods that involved simultaneously hopping about on one foot, keeping a finger to the nose, playing the harmonica, and making rude gestures with the remaining hand.

    WTF did I just write. No sleep in last 36 hours.

  9. Hurray  

    Yay for Clara! She has the absolute perfect style in my opinion. Also, is there some way we could get in touch so I can borrow my pens back that I leant you for the final?

  10. this one time

    someone stopped me to take a picture of my outfit and it really made my day/made my day again when it was posted to their website.

    sure, we all have big aspirations but damn it getting street styled is embarrassingly high on the list.


  11. Anonymous  

    some kids in africa don't have clothes. Bwog, check your privilege

  12. SOMALA

    Yes! She is always so f*%#ing stylish!

  13. Anonymous  

    Huh, that girl from the Jeffers Win video is in there.

  14. Is it just me  

    or does the girl on the right remind anyone else of Luna Lovegood?

  15. sucks to be a lady

    So....did anyone else notice that none of the women featured in teen vogue (should college students be in teen vogue anyway?) are majoring in something soft (art history, history, english...) I think I saw a few doing econ, but seriously?
    There are no women in hard sciences (comp-sci, math, physics). It's 2012, that's sort of embarrassing. Shouldn't our education be more important than our style? And don't tell me english or art history is hard. I take engineering courses and english courses. not comparable. How can women complain about inequalities in the world when they aren't doing the work to be taken seriously?

  16. Anonymous

    who the fuck disliked this?

  17. Anonymous

    TeenVogue=/= Vogue.

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