Bwog in Bed: The Penultimate Peril

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Bwog getting ready for the apocalypse tonight

Bwog getting ready for the apocalypse tonight

It’s now only a matter of hours until you can jump for joy and revel in the total freedom of winter break. Draw from us the strength to last one more day, and we’ll see you tonight at the party end of the world.

Bwogline: Although the Canadian video of a child being flown away by an eagle was proven false, records do show that a similar incident happened in 1901. Lesson: continue to watch out for menacing birds around toddlers. (NY Mag)

Finals tip: Spending a whole day thinking about what you’re going to write about instead of actually writing it totally equals progress.

Procrastinate: Get ready for your upcoming month of home-cooked meals by stocking up on your food porn, a.k.a the NYMag food diaries. Also the sex diaries.

Overheard: Two girls with priorities:

Girl 1: “I told her we just left the concert, do you wanna hang out with her in like 20 minutes?
Girl 2: “Yeah, let me just go change my underwear.”

Brit via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous  

    Isn't that first sex diary the "tales of an ivy dropout" chick?

  2. Anonymous

    I see a Jets jersey in the picture. Poor Jets.

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