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Snow, sun, whatever – better than finals

Like the government trying to solve the extremely important problem of the fiscal cliff before the end of the year, Bwog is doing the responsible thing and going on vacation.  We sincerely hope that you all have a relaxing break, whether you’re at home, actually on vaca, or hanging out in Morningside.  Enjoy your time off, read books you actually want to read, and watch a shit ton of TV.  Dream big.

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  1. >Bwog Out

    ...and nothing of value was lost that day.

  2. Van Owen  

    Almost as lazy as a Barnard woman who won't make me a sandwich.

  3. The Shadowy Cloak  


  4. These degrees...

    aren't worth shit.

    • I wish...

      somebody would come and shoot up this useless school.

      • Anonymous

        same commenter on both repulsively wicked posts? Just cause you have a 2.0 doesn't mean all the rest of us do. Many of us are leaving Columbia for six figure jobs, or in some cases for other ivy league grad schools. Maybe if you actually took advantage of all the resources Columbia offered, you wouldn't have such a bleak future ahead of you. Pathetic, especially given the immense privilege you've disregarded.

        • Anonymous

          and oh yeah, forgot to mention that I told my friend who happens to be on the staff of bwog about your post. Because your comment poses a threat to the lives of students here, we have choice but to alert the FBI. And if you think that posts here are anonymous, you are sorely mistaken. Ever wondered why the "track" button works? Your comments are especially sickening when we are in the wake of the largest mass shooting at a fucking elementary school in American (the universe's?) history.

          • The Dark Hand

            I can confirm posts on here are not anonymous

          • Anonymous

            While his comments are extremely distasteful, nothing he said is a threat, so notifying the FBI was an asinine move, idiot. He merely stated he wishes something would happen but did not at all insinuate that it would happen or that he would do it. You, Anonymous, are stupid. Also, if any psycho does decide to do anything, be thankful some Columbia students have conceal carry in addition to experience in Special Forces. I don't think we' ll even get to see what type of gun the bastard is using before they put him down.

          • FBI

            Due to the potential breach in security this site has been tapped. For your safety and the welfare of your fellow students, cease the transmission of sensitive information on this site. All of your posts are being tracked.

          • Kunta Kinte

            Negro, please

        • Critique #2

          This bothers me. Obviously the "worthless degree" and school shooting references were either span the range of inaccurate to unbelievably callous, but I still take issue with the responding posts.

          Generally speaking, I love how the go-to response in these situations seems to be to point to the employment-whoring or prestige-whoring accomplishments of these nebulous ghosts, and disparage legitimate disgruntlement as merely a consequence of... what? Their stupidity? Their laziness?

          Here's some constructive advice. First, don't make the mistake of conflating education or academic performance with actual intelligence; I know plenty of brilliant people who either did miserably in college or never made it through in the first place. I also know plenty of people who are dull as bricks and about as exciting to hold a conversation with as my goldfish who incessantly point to their 3.97 GPAs in they probably will for the rest of their lives.

          So the next time you want to combat what you feel to be unwarranted negativity, how about instead of being a superficial douche you say something along the lines of, "Many of us are...pursuing opportunities we're deeply passionate about, having gained insight and maturity from our time at Columbia." Or some bullshit like that. Something that could at least carry the semblance that we're not all cold, calculating dickwads.

          Someone who doesn't plan on pointing to the salary of his job as an accomplishment worth bragging of in and of itself.

      • Anonymous  

        What the fuck is wrong with you! You don't find Columbia useless? Then L-E-A-V-E! Or perhaps you don't even go here and you're just bitter...Either way, you're really sick in the head!

      • Uh-nah-nih-mahs

        technically, it's more of a zoo that protects endangered mascots than a university campus, like the majority of higher education institutions.

  5. Anonymous

    I miss Columbia already....

  6. Food For Thought

    Not everyone is obligated to have a happy college experience, and I don't think that should be taken as a reflection on you as a person or your potential for success or happiness in life.

  7. Abi

    Happy Holidays all! Cheers :)

  8. a study in pink

    so so so fucking bored. how many more days of this do I have to endure?

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