Bwoglines: Break Edition

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time to watch Planet Earth
time to watch Planet Earth

It’s still there, somewhere

Believe it or not, while you’re hiding under your covers avoiding high school friends, the world is still going on, somewhere, and we continue to believe that it is rotating around NYC and, specifically, our very own Columbia.  Here’s what’s been happening outside of your house:

In 2012, murders were at an all-time low, non-Apple device thefts went down, and Apple product thefts went up.  Don’t wave your iPhones around, kids. (NY Daily News, BGR)

Excuse us for “stirring this shit pile” again, but people, including the Native American Council, are still upset about Brownstone decisions. (Indian Country Today)

Hey prospies: “A core curriculum isn’t a bad thing at all.” (NYT)

JSachs predicts robots are taking over.  With this totally new concept, Mr. Bucket better look out.  (Boston Globe)

Columbia has become the go-to Ivy for veterans, with three times as many enrolled veterans as the rest of the Ivies…combined.  [To view, you may have to go through Columbia e-resources.] (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Need to email your prof about grades or class space?  Refresh yer netiquette knowledge. (Wellesley College Project)

And to ensure that some things never change, LiLo is still a mess. (NYT)

Global studies major via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. John

    I can just imagine a man, in headdress and holding a tomahawk, saying in monotone (I want a) Haaauuuu(se).

  2. "while you’re hiding under your covers avoiding high school friends"

    too real, bwog

  3. bwog words

    lilliputian - trivial or small, niggling (adj); a very small person or thing (n)

    Since my penis is quite lilliputian, lilly and I are sexually compatible since her petite frame enlarges my member by juxtaposition.

  4. Anonymous

    Columbia is the best!

  5. Wait

    Is that his real name? Jonathan Brave NoiseCat? Can I be Native American just so people aren't allowed to make fun of me for having a ridiculous last name?

    I can't even be bothered with charges of racism. NoiseCat. That's just not a thing.

  6. :(

    i like my high school friends

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