Boringside: Shocking Changes

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Nothing in this neighborhood is certain anymore. Absolute was filled with icky living things, and who knows what was happening at m2m. Il Cibreo is gone and Amigos has replaced it (Bwog’s review will be up later today). Bwog has photographically chronicled these momentous changes for you.

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  1. SEAS '13  

    Nooooooo, Abolute! Bagels are boiled! That makes it okay!

  2. Amigho  

    Bad food, bad alcohol. Great music though.

  3. abroad

    WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS, GET IT TOGETHER MORNINGSIDE. absolute and m2m best be open by the time i get back.

  4. Another shocking change  

    Chipotle has spoons now.

  5. Anonymous  

    Absolute was open when I went yesterday! It may still be horribly unsanitary, but ignorance is bliss in this case.

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