Drinking With Bwog: Welcome Back

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three seminars, 45 books…

School is harrrddd…

Take a shot for…

  • every seminar you can’t get into
  • every class where the teacher actually taught
  • every terrible icebreaker you had to endure in your discussion sections
  • every hundred dollars you’ve spent on books this week

Drink a glass of wine (so intellectual) for every shopped class you end up dropping.

It’s really colllddd…

Take a shot when…

  • someone complains about the temperature
  • you have to go outside. Because you need liquid courage to face the icy grip of winter

Why is everything so diffficcuuullltt…

Take a shot…

  • every time someone asks you how your break was
  • each time you sleep through your alarm
  • each time you know your books have been delivered but the package center claims not to have them
  • for every Friday class you have (and then doubt your decisions because you have to wake up tomorrow and are playing a drinking game)

If you’re not drunk by the end of the game, drink the whole bottle because it’s cold and you already have a shit ton of reading.

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  1. aepibroseph

    Is it cool if we take shots for every geed we hawk loogies at from the Ferris balcony?

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