Bwoglines: History Repeats Itself Edition

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shawty's like a melody in ma head

Remember when you used to play an instrument/read music but then didn’t bring your flute to school?

Obama is to announce his plans concerning immigration reform next week, but the political gridlock characteristic of the last four years has us wondering if, keeping with history, congress will refuse to compromise. (Huffington Post)

Women are underrepresented in leadership positions, with only 17% of American Fortune 500 board seats held by women. We’ve seen this glass ceiling before, and Facebook’s No.2 executive Sheryl Sandberg offers her opinion on why it repeatedly hasn’t been shattered. (Nytimes)

Scientists take a look at the taxing effects cycling has on the body in an attempt to uncover what fuels the vicious cycle(pun perhaps intended) of doping in the sport. (Washington Post)

Taylor Swift has opted for the dangerously plunging neckline once again. Perhaps she looked to J.Lo’s style history for inspiration. (Huffington Post, Wiki Commons)

Lather, rinse, repeat via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous

    About the Taylor Swift article... What cleavage? haha Then they put Katy Perry at the bottom just for comparison.

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