Bwog Asked: “Why Are You Here?”

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Work may not be bothering you in Butler yet, but Bwog is! We spent our Sunday night asking the few souls who are already studying in Butler, “Why are you here?” only to quickly realize that it was a silly question.  While Bwog’s shoddy work ethic keeps us from the depths of the library until midterms crash upon us, other students actually work hard throughout the semester to avoid catastrophies.  To that end, this week’s Bwog Asked is dedicated to our wise, hard-working peers, who show us how it’s done and have inspired us to actually do all of our readings…at least for this week.

  • “Staying on top of things. Because I know it’s all just going to break down in the end.”
  • “Working on Lit Hum reading.”
  • “Doing my homework… Is that it?”
  • “Well it’s quiet here.”
  • “Studying for linguistics.”
  • “I’m playing chess. Speed chess.”
  • “I’m checking out books.” Bwog: “Spice it up!” Her: “I’m telling the truth!”
  • “No one reserves group study rooms this early in the semester so it’s easy to get one – and kick people out of them”
  • “Studying, just doing reading.”
  • “I just really like it here!”

The rest were confused looks and variations of “studying for ____, you lazyass.”  For those about to rock this semester, we salute you.

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  1. cc '13  

    yo someone get me outta here. is the elephant in the room that the student body has gotten more neurotic and stressed and annoying over the past four years? to all the underclassmen who refuse to touch a textbook or lift a pencil till the fourth week of school, keep fighting the good fight.

  2. CC 16  

    They do it for attention & sympathy. Work's got nothin to do with it

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