Bye Bye Card Catalog

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There's so much room for activities!

There’s so much room for activities!

Half of the space in Butler 310 that was taken up by the card catalog is now occupied by new neat-o desks and chairs for studying.

Which is a good thing, since apparently the catalog hadn’t been updated since 1985.

You can go ahead and leave your condolences for this dying and painfully time-consuming research form in the comments.

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  1. Concerned  

    But now where are people in the balcony going to plug in their laptops???

  2. Thomas Vinciguerra

    Did anyone think to save the clock on top of the catalogue?

  3. Anonymous  

    god, how ugly

  4. Melvil Dewey

    Fuck this shit.

  5. but, but...  

    they had character!

  6. Also  

    Some librarians have told me that some stuff is (was) in the card catalog that simply wasn't in CLIO. But, most of all, the cards made Butler more time-travelly.

  7. a catalog  

    i want one i want one

    • had to  

      "'Kindly look her up in my index, Doctor,' murmured Holmes without opening his eyes. For many years he had adopted a system of docketing all paragraphs concerning men and things, so that it was difficult to name a subject or a person on which he could not at once furnish information. "

  8. Anonymous

    Columbia's card catalogue was the best. Remember the Dewy decimal system was invented here.

  9. well shit  

    they should at least put in tables and chairs that don't look like they belong in fucking lerner. unsurprising that they didn't, though.

  10. Anonymous  

    they are probably waiting for alums to make donations for fancy wooden chairs/desks with engravings, when really what they'll do is just use some old ass chair they found in the garbage, get a $2 name plate made, and pocket the rest of the money.

  11. Anonymous

    All those cards have my semen on them anyways.

  12. Anonymous  

    sure the card catalog was useless, but it was pretty badass nonetheless

  13. A guy  

    Hmm, they look super skimpy. Ruins the room's ambiance.

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