Overseen: John Jay Goes Cray Cray

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One of John Jay’s elevators has been undergoing emergency repair since the beginning of the semester.

The oppressed and alienated residents of the 15-story building now have to make a choice: to arduously wait in line for up to 20 minutes or to scale the building’s interminable stairs.

Enraged, the John Jayites are rising against the system. They can’t literally rise because they don’t have an elevator, so they have appealed to the most efficient and universal form of university protest: snarky annotations.

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  1. Anonymous's been out of service since before finals began last semester.

  2. Let's Be Real  

    It's been out of service since before last semester

  3. Anonymous

    This makes us look horribly pretentious, but I'm not gonna has been a pain in the ass and they kinda had ample time to fix it.

  4. uhh  

    i think you're supposed to put the zeroes AFTER the year.

  5. Ramis Wadood, explain yourself  

    This picture was posted to the Columbia 2016 Facebook group by none other than CC Class President Ramis Wadood, along with the message "You guys are the best lol." This is the same Mr. Wadood who was one of the most vociferous opponents of the "Gaza Strip" posters, which he rightly claimed created an uncomfortable environment for many community members. Now, Mr. Wadood is glorifying and publicizing the defacement of these informational signs. I'm sure the repair workers, who have no control over elevator renovation policies, would love to hear why Mr. Wadood is using his elected position of popularity and leadership to build an environment which belittles them and their work. If you're dissatisfied, speak to the administrators who control trends and policies. Don't take it out on the workers, asshole.

  6. Lolz  

    I'm pretty sure this happens literally every year in John Jay.

  7. CC '13  

    columbia has an "office of vertical transportation" for elevators. no joke. google it.

  8. Sherry J. Wolf  

    Unbelievable. The level of privilege exhibited here makes me want to vomit all over the floor of your elevator. Did you not realize that use of the term "refugees" is a trigger for so many people? Shameful. I'm going to find out who was responsible for this and make sure they face ACADEMIC punishment.

  9. Anon

    Helicopters for John Jay

  10. lol  

    @Ramis Wadood, explain yourself: .

    this is such an overreaction on your part. Especially if you can't see the difference between taking offense at the Gaza poster and this..

  11. Anonymous  

    somebody should call the wahmbulance,

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