Live at Lerner: This Old Ghost

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When it’s 11:59 am and the munchies are descending upon your enfeebled soul, to whom can you turn? Live at Lerner. Today from noon to 1 pm in the Lerner Piano Lounge, assuage your munchies with free, warm food—”think lentil barley soup, think cornbread, think apple raisin bread pudding,” but don’t think Arby’s. Along with the free food comes the Westchester band This Old Ghost and its characteristic indie/folk/alternative sound. Listen below.

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  1. Hey Bwog  

    These Live at Lerner events are always great and I love attending them. But the only time I've ever actually managed to get to one is when I've wandered across them by chance. Why do you alway post these Live at Lerner notices so close to the event time? You're really great about giving us advanced info on tons of other events. Why not with Live at Lerner?

    With small, hungry tears,
    Free Lunch Lover

  2. look around  

    tons of signs. they're most wednesdays, shouldn't be that much of a surprise. they have facebook events too.

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