Overheard: The Ref Room

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Are we really the only ones who masochistically love late-night lucubration in Butler? The taste of the corn muffins from Butler Café, especially after they’re a bit stale because then they don’t crumble so much? Whizzing by 45 steps on the banister from the third to the second floor? The extremely bright or dim “mood” lighting, depending on your study room of choice? Sadly, maybe so, according to this person overheard during a lecture:

“Which one’s the ref room…?”





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  1. CC '13  

    wait really which one is it though? I never study in butler

  2. wait really  

    does the photo not give you a clue??

  3. CC '14

    I would totally say that. And I've been here for 2.5 years. What can I say, my ventures to Butler usually take exactly the amount of time necessary to locate a book in the stacks and take it out of Butler, and in my major I don't even need to do that more than a couple times a semester.

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