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Your face while you watch ballroom dancing

After more than 30 years of being trapped in a closet, tortoise Manuela was found alive and well after her owner died and his children cleaned out his house. Red-footed tortoises can go two or three years without food, and can “survive by eating termites from the wooden floor,” which will become a very real solution if the weather gets any colder after this surprisingly warm week. (The Telegraph)

Although you didn’t think Blackberry was still making Blackberries, they are. The reviews are unsurprisingly negative. The words “abject and miserable failure” were used. Let the nostalgia sink in. (Forbes)

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Grand Central Terminal by paying 1913 prices for shoeshines and coffee. After 1pm, celebrations will begin, including ballroom dancers, high school choirs, and Vince Giordano, which means of course that you should avoid it religiously. (Daily News)

Although the whole Wendy’s finger scandal turned out to be a hoax, Burger King has confirmed that there was horsemeat in burgers sold in Ireland and the UK. In related news, it turns out an ingredient in artificial raspberry flavoring is often derived from the anal glands of beavers and is often credited as “natural flavoring.” (Huffington Post)

Tonight Bwog will be celebrating our 7th birthday at the Underground with CU DJs Vonzie, Vidda, and Flaxo (you can also catch them tomorrow at Battle of the Bands).  Celebrate with us!  Party hats are not required but highly suggested.

Mug shot via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous

    bwoglines has turned into reading the front page of reddit....four days later

  2. Concerned Geed

    Can someone please write a story on the recent Columbia hazing scandal?

  3. um, no

    Grand central is pretty fucking epic.

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