An Overheard Before and After

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King of class

King of class

The McBain residence hall is known for a number of astonishing qualities: beautiful views of Manhattan a disgusting ventilation shaft, a grandiose history (Meghan McCain – for real!?), and a sophisticated cultured exciting bat shit crazy party scene. If by bat shit crazy you mean tinged with the faint scent of desperation. There’s no doubt that more than a few eye-raising tidbits have been tossed around the morning after one of McBain’s social gatherings. Lucky for you — yes, you, first year Furnald resident — a few of those comments found their way to Bwog, and we pass them along in the spirit of nostalgia.


“There won’t be anybody puking on my bed as a result of these parties!”


“But I swear she didn’t have the blog when I fucked her!”

(She totally did.)

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  1. *Frat

    ***"But I swear she was conscious when I fucked her."

  2. Anonymous  

    "If our dicks touch when we're in the shower, does that mean we're gay?"

  3. Barnard '15  

    I wished that Bwog would only publish when there was actual news instead of all these bwoglines and lecturehop filler posts. But then I realized there's already specsυcks.

  4. Sherry J. Wolf  

    Why would bwog publish yet another piece glorifying (trigger warning) rape culture?!
    “But I swear she didn’t have the blog when I fucked her!” - You mean RAPED her. If you "fucked," 99.9% of the time it was rape. I think it's time bwog had a talk with occupy about why this is not ok.

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