Bwoglines: Highs and Lows Edition

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Where Charlie Sheen must live.

It’s all just peaks and valleys.

Low: According to an email sent out by the Harvard administration yesterday, a little over half the students involved in last year’s massive cheating scandal were forced to withdraw. Many others were allowed to stay on campus under disciplinary probation. However, some students did manage to get away scot-free. I guess Harvard is simply preparing them for their future lives as Wall Street investment bankers. “See, students, always have a fall guy in place just in case you need him.” (IvyGate)


High: The Dow Jones industrial average closed at 14,009.8 yesterday – the highest it has been since October 2007. This is only 200 points short of the all time high for the Dow. The S&P 500 is also at its highest level since 2007. These are good signs for a still-struggling US economy. (CNN, Wall Street Journal)


Delusional: Charlie Sheen reflects on what he refers to not as his meltdown, but his “meltforward.” In an interview with The Guardian, Sheen provides heartbreaking insight to his recent past. A part of you wants to believe that the man is bouncing back and on his way to another high successful¬†point in his life, but there is a pervading air of tragedy to every statement he makes. After all, who watches Anger Management anyway? Until the next “meltforward,” here’s to more tiger’s blood and Adonis DNA. (The Guardian)


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