Bwoglines: Super Bowl Edition

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Super Beyoncé XLVII

Beyoncé redeems herself by singing the national anthem live at her pre-Super Bowl news conference. In other news, Beyonce had a pre-Super Bowl news conference. (Nytimes)

Beyoncé being goofy on the cyberweb. (Huffington Post)

Beyoncé demonstrates her infallibility with her dance moves. (Youtube, Buzzfeed)

Beyoncé releases a sneak peek video of her performance for her concert the Super Bowl tonight. (Washington Post)

And Beyoncé saidLet there be light: and there was light via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Sherry J. Wolf  

    The Super Bowl needs to be banned. It is the most heteronormative display of misogyny ever conceived. It (and football in general) has no place in an inclusive gender neutral society. I think it's time to occupy the NFL. Bwog, how dare you continue to promote such bourgeois, privileged nonsense. You will be shut down.

  2. I'm not passive agressive  

    about this or anything. But it's sneak pEEk.

    I see this screwed up just about all the damn time. You take a leak, you take a peek. We climb peaks, we mount peaks; things are peaky, or peachy, or so fucked up that you're spending time writing inane comments on bwog to stave off the abyss.

  3. Anonymous

    Look for endless lip syncing tonight...

  4. CC Senior  

    WTF is this school that I go to? I can't even.

  5. Anonymous

    Why does everyone like Beyoncé so much? Nothing special...

  6. Anonymous

    Lights went out cause katrina refugees shat in the generator. #thatsnotatoilet

  7. Sherry J. Wolf  

    You're sexist. And probably a racist too.

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