Bwoglines: Expand Your Horizons Edition

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This octopus knows more about the world than you ever will, never forget that

Bwog wants you to expand your horizons. Go follow Everyday Africa on Instagram. (Salon)

The new Blackberry Z10 is getting record orders in Canada. The moral of this story is that in Canada, there is always a second chance. (BusinessWeek)

Thinking of just the right way to phrase your next CU Admirers post? Well, don’t. Instead go read this romantic column about how two hip young writers fell in love only after they stopped talking online. (NYT)

The Canadian penny is dying, and Canadians are getting very crafty with them. (Globe and Mail)

Finally, there’s a new column from Bwog’s favorite Spectrum feature, C.U. in Bed. (Spectator)

Ollie the vengeful Octopus via Shutterstock

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