Bwoglines: Great Ideas Edition

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Yep. Remove your head. That's a great idea.

Yep. Remove your head. That’s a great idea.

A Brazilian actor with Down syndrome is making a poignant request to get his idol, Sean Penn, to go to Brazil and watch his movie’s premiere with him. Let’s make it happen!  The video is in Portuguese with English subtitles. (YouTube)

A New York artist proposed to his girlfriend via roof graffiti. She said “yes.” We said “aww!” (Animal)

We’ve found the best tumblr ever, it satisfies all your weird OCDish desires. (tumblr)

Beyoncé’s publicist asked Buzzfeed to remove “unflattering” photos from the SuperBowl halftime concert from the website. Buzzfeed stood on defiantly. (Buzzfeed)

The Pixar light’s weird son via Shutterstock

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