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In case you weren’t already aware, in the next 24 hours this city will either be completely the same or swallowed up by historic amounts of snow.  By now you should know that Bwog loves storm hype, so we’re hunkering down and gettin’ pumped for whatever will come.  To that end, we’ve prepared some schedules for you, play safe:

The Luddite

  • Ask your mom to send you pictures of your pet to make sure s/he’s doing alright in the snow.  After affirming this, shut down your computer
  • Take out that book hidden under folders on your desk you’ve been planning on reading since September
  • Boil some water, make tea, and let your phone run out of batteries

The Internet Maven

The Life of the Party

  • Hit up International like, thirty minutes ago
  • Invite friends over to finally figure out all the rules to True American
  • When it’s 4 am and everyone’s wasted, be a buddy and invite them all to spend the night.  Slumber party!!!!

The Storm Trooper

  • Roll your eyes at people stocking up on food as you strap on your snow shoes
  • Take a sled and head to the top of Low Steps
  • Wait.  Wait.  Wait.
  • Once there is an even blanketing of snow, take that first glorious ride down the perfect hill.  Scream in pure glee.  Cackle in childish delight.  Know that this is it, this is what it’s all about.  You’ve done it.

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  1. Nemo  

    SNOWBALL FIGHT 10:30 Low Steps. Be there!

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