we all had 2 team up 2 write these txts…

[Received on February 8, 11:00 PM]

Lock ur doors…they r stealing stuff in ec…whats ec..they sent out an email…make sure 2 keep ur stuff safe…and dont go out in the storm…luv bwog


[Received on February 8, 11:01 PM]

Y r u not answering…ru even reading this…did they steal ur phone…ru out in the storm…if ur out in the storm ur grounded…luv bwog


[8 missed calls from Bwog]


[Received on February 8, 11:03 PM]


[Received on February 8, 11:07 PM]


[Received on February 8, 11:11 PM]



[Sent on February 8: 12:00 PM]

Hey Bwog. Relax, I’m fine. I don’t even live in EC.


[Received on February 8, 12:00 PM]

U r grounded. Lock ur doors

Your adoptive overbearing parents via Shutterstock