SWS Braves the Cold

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standing their groundIn their long campaign for¬†Faculty House Workers’ rights, Student Worker Solidarity staged a protest today.

Undeterred by the snow, they stood their ground mid-Nemo and, with their bravery and shouting, gained the attention of Columbia’s campus.

Say what you want about them or their cause, but that takes some serious cojones.

Protest in the Snow from Bwog on Vimeo.

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  1. Amature  

    Bwog is a connesur of the visuel arts.

  2. weekendwarrior

    let's just pretend the frats didn't get away with housing from which they can sell drugs indiscriminately
    let's just pretend there isn't a gag order on Bwog, Spec, and anyone else who keeps comments criticizing frats up
    let's just pretend there wasn't a spam disagree campaign against anti-frat commentary
    let's just pretend frat bros are mature and can take valid criticisms of why their traditional institutions aren't the biggest pieces of shit on campus and huge drains of resources
    let's just pretend

    • Greek  

      You overestimate the organizational skills the IGC has to pull off such a campaign as well as the power that Greek orgs/alumni have with the administration. Greek life has less than 15% of students, and yet somehow we have the ability to drain resources and spam comment sections where we would be outvoted 5 to 1? Why is it, then, that despite Fiji's mostly ibanking alums donating, that they still lack a house after 14 years?

      And who is this gag order coming from? Spec is independently-run and even after Obamanard, Bwog hasn't been asked to censor posts. KevSho has better things to do than control things people say on the Internet (he's too busy taking down fliers).

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