Bwoglines: Animals Behaving Badly Edition

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His crimes will not go unnoticed.

His crimes will not go unnoticed.

In the Brazilian town of Santo Antonio de Platina, they’re not so much worried about a snowstorm as they are a spider storm. A young man filmed what a local biologist calls “normal behavior” and uploaded it to Youtube. I’d much rather deal with Nemo! (Gawker)


In London, they are doing whatever it takes to encourage a 70 year old tortoise to do what you do every weekend after Mel’s. I’m talking of course about sweet sweet love making, not passing out and puking. The London Zoo brought in French Pianist Richard Clayderman to help get the juices flowing, but after playing beside the enclosure all day the results were less than satisfying. The tortoise, named Dirks, failed to mate with either¬†Delores, Dolly, Priscilla, or Polly. A$AP, this man clearly doesn’t share your affliction. (The Guardian)


GREAT BRAIN GOBBLING TITS, BATMAN! (Discovery News and Scientific American)


Dachschund  adorableness via Shutterstock

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  1. Anonymous  

    "Sweet love-making?"

    Do you even GO here?

  2. "Great"??  

    I think you mean HOLY brain gobbling tits, Batman.

    Honestly. Kids these days.

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