The Harlem Shake Reaches Harlem

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After the Harlem shake swept the world, reaching offices,  newsrooms, families, blizzardsBuzzfeedsCollegeHumors, and autotuners everywhere, it has finally made its way back to its name. Columbia students have made a Harlem shake on Low, with special appearances by Bane.

When are we doing one in Butler 209?

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  1. one question  

    where is the Ryan Mandelbaum tag on this

  2. hahaha  

    whoever is twerking on alma mater <3

  3. Anonymous  

    who's the hot guy in the beginning?

  4. Anonymous  

    claiming harlem only when it's in trend! yay!

  5. Twerkin Trina  

    The girl in the grey leggings and timberlands has to stop.

  6. Anonymous  

    "Bennett does a tumble"

  7. the diana  

    wow, welcome to a year ago

    bane mask could get it tho

  8. Sigh

    White people (and Bennett)

  9. Seriously tho  

    We need to do one in 309 Havemeyer

  10. Anonymous

    is that bob vulfov on the right? <3

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