Columbia Music Festival Announced!

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Early this morning, Columbia College Student Council began publicity on a week-long music festival in the days leading up to Bacchanal this year (April 9-14).  The schedule of acts is below.  According to CCSC members behind the event, they have booked a “major male recording artist known for creating buzz on college campuses” for the CCSC concert, (SIN)esthesia. Like you, Bwog is dying to know who the mystery artist is, and our CCSC sources claim that the information is on the way.  The opening acts for the (SIN)esthesia artist will be the two winners of battle of the bands happening this Thursday night at Glass House Rocks.
April 9- CCSC Concert/(SIN)esthesia (Roone Arledge Auditorium)
April 10- Live at Lerner (Lerner Piano Lounge)
April 11- WKCR Concert (Lerner Piano Lounge)
April 12- WBAR Concert (Lehman Lawn)
April 13- Bacchanal (Low Plaza)
April 14- Post Crypt (Van Am Quad)

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  1. Does anyone know  

    Who is/are the band(s) we have coming for Bacchanal?

  2. Anonymous  

    2 Chainz or Lil B?

  3. Can we please

    have white people music? Seriously.

    • wow fuck you

      also technically all modern popular forms of music are derived from african rhythms. so unless you want the Philharmonic for Bacchanal '13, you won't be getting 'white people music'

      • xoxo  

        music belongs to no race, bb, even stuff written by old white guys

      • as much as I dislike "white music" post  

        "all modern popular forms of music" are maybe derivative of many african influences, but let's not get carried away here (technically or not...whatever that means). and don't hate on the philharmonic; hopefully we can move classical music away from being seen as "white people" music.

      • the diana  

        I have no intentions of hating on the Philharmonic - they're incredibly talented people who play beautiful music. By equating them with 'white people music', I was saying that the music they play (classical, though placing the wide variety of genres that they play under that umbrella is very simplistic) is European.

        But the genres of music that make it to the Bachannal stage - rock, rap, electronic/DJing, pop, R&B etc - all trace back to jazz and blues (which in turn are heavily based in West African musical tradition) This is not to say that they aren't also influenced by European music.
        Basically, OPs comment made no sense.

    • JJ11 4 lyfe  

      got dam racism can be bonkers. Yo it ain't really cool to call it white people music you can just mention a band u like. idk if u want fleet foxes or da jefferson aeroplane hologram say so also i fux w/ fleet foxes them whites dudes got it goin on lmao jk it dont matter if they black or white racism is wack so idk be better at being people. still all love over here tho

  4. CCSC  

    Let's just say you better get ready to pop some tags...


    insider knowledge - our headliner will blow your mind

  6. wbar  

    is full of awkward douches

  7. Anonymous

    Columbia spring festivals are the best!

  8. nobody  

    big gigantic encore let's go

  9. oh my god based god  

    He came to NYU, he should come to Columbia

  10. Insider  

    Jet and Mos Def. It's true.

  11. JJ11 4 lyfe  


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