Live at Lerner: Vensaire

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These artsy posters aren't for nuthin'

These artsy posters aren’t for nuthin’

How to start your Wednesday afternoon:

  • Go to the Lerner Piano Lounge between 12 and 1 pm for Live at Lerner’s Sounds event.
  • Place pork pot stickers, fried rice, and fortune cookies directly in your mouth. Chew. Swallow.
  • Soak up Vensaire—Live at Lerner calls them “a little bit Animal Collective-y,” and their Facebook notes their “instinctelectual” genre.
  • Go to your 1:10 class.

As always, if you want to carefully craft your Wednesday schedule sooner, Live at Lerner has a nifty Facebook page announcing these events (so like it, if you want) and an events page listing who will be playing when (hint: it’s almost always every other Wednesday at noon). Also, they’ve got some artsy signs plastered around campus. Here’s a preview of today’s act, but don’t watch it if you shouldn’t see strobe lights.

Poster via Live at Lerner

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