Overheard: Barnard Nuptials, With a Touch of Ratchet

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That’s, like, so ratchet

You never know what’s going to go down at Liz’s Place. This happened yesterday:

Girl 1: Oh hey!
Girl 2: Hey! What’s up?
Girl 1: Oh I’m good! Married, haha.
Girl 2: Oh my god, what?
Girl 1: Yeah we eloped over the weekend haha. Like we were engaged but my mom is totally going to kill me.

Also worth noting, according to the tipsterista,  is that “they went to Tiffany’s and paid in cash which was apparently ‘the most ratchet thing [she had] ever done’ and then they went to City Hall.”



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  1. GS '14

    Still a better love story than Twilight.

  2. Anonymous  

    Bwog how about an article about Amir's bangin' new menu/decor. They have good beer on tap and chicken fingersss!!!

  3. Anonymous  

    Can "ratchet on bwog" PLEASE become a thing?

  4. Anonymous  

    Please don't use the word ratchet again.



    That was funny.

  6. Chris Dormer

    I forgot to mention in my manifesto that I also see Lee Bollinger as an inspiration along with Kevin Shollenberger and Terry Martinez.

  7. Anonymous  

    By the way... this girl goes to Columbia.... not Barnard. Just to clarify.

  8. Anonymous  

    ...Was Gossip Girl filming today?

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