Glass House Rocks 2013: Space Jam? More like A@$%SSDFG%$%^.

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looks a lot cooler in this light

This Valentine’s Day, Lerner lit up, featuring all kinds of campus performance groups (dance and music), and something about a bounce house, here reviewed by Josh Dillon. 

Having heard about Glass House Rocks for weeks, through upperclassmen and through its Facebook event page, I go to Lerner at 8:00pm not really knowing what to expect.

Would this spaceship live up to the hype as Lerner’s best party? Or would it be similar to other Lerner Party Space events, full of promise, experienced with disappointment?

As you pass through the turnstiles (after having to have an employee swipe you in because your CUID never works at Lerner causing you to constantly slam into the bar, giving you bruises in places that are hard to explain to your significant other who probably doesn’t exist yet) you are greeted by a sign stating that there are T-shirts available on the 5th floor. So of course you take the trek up the ramps, forgoing the elevator because c’mon, the ramps are LIT UP IN COLORS OTHER THAN triponmeblue. You pass table upon table of free food, pamphlets and pins. Who doesn’t like a good color-printed pamphlet?

But on the 5th floor you realize that you must first fill out a “T-shirt Voucher,” which are being handed out at random by volunteers. After begging some for friends and myself, I travel to each table and student group room, making small talk and getting my sign-offs that allow me to receive one of the surprisingly well made t-shirts. It was a race against every other student in Lerner. I won. Enough to get a large shirt.

With this (competiton? anxietyinducer?) over, I was able to enjoy Glass House Rocks. Some of the highlights of the night included:

  • · Inflatable items in the Roone Arledge Auditorium. They required each participant to sign a waiver, somehow making them even more exciting.
  • · Various bands and performances in the Lerner Black Box, including: Lubeen, Notes & Keys, and The Foggy Details, among others.
  • · Talented dance performances on the ramps
  • · Space Pong, courtesy of the CSC and APAHM
  • · Video games courtesy of Hillel
  • · Caricatures from members of the Artist Society

When combined with the constant party music, well-placed lights and energized crowd, Glass House Rocks 2013: Space Jam was simply adIa#notrachetajf$we(heyladiesta;sasif!

Translation: The only other thing that could have gotten me this excited would be a new breakfast item at Ferris.

Well done.

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  1. Your SO "doesn't exist yet?"  

    I didn't know Bwog was into pedophilia.

  2. Anonymous  

    There is a new breakfast item at Ferris -- nutella.

  3. Anonymous

    The lighting on the ramps was so cool!

  4. Sherry J. Wolf  

    It sounds like it was offensive.

  5. Tabia S


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