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Even though the weather is surprisingly warm today, winter is still here. In that spirit, Star and the Sea (Dominique Star, CC ’13, and her band) have released their first music video, shot by Bernhard Fasenfest, CC ’16, called “Winter in New York.”

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  1. BC  

    If you call yourself "the opposite of Taylor Swift" I already hate you, not because I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan (I'm not) but because you obviously have a huge case of special-snowflake syndrome. Perhaps you aren't over your rebellious teenager phase even as a senior, but you aren't making yourself look better by putting down other artists, especially ones who are already so successful. If you want to compare yourself to another artist, start with "Sara Bareilles wannabe" maybe.

  2. star!  

    dominique star! one R! like star and the sea!

  3. also bwog...  

    being "inspired by the opposite of taylor swift" is not the same as BEING "the opposite of taylor swift." and I think it was a joke.

  4. Anonymous

    Nice video. I love the song!

  5. Anonymous  

    incredible voice. and incredibly talented girl. but why is everyone dying their hair blondish? being a generic white blond doesnt magically make you sexy.

  6. Anonymous  

    She has a great voice, but the spotlight remains on the Morningsiders, no doubt.

  7. Anonymous

    Bernhard Fasenfest is so dreamy!

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