Overheard: Drugs are Crazy!!!

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Bwog's tell

Bwog’s tell

Overheard a few nights ago on the way to Pupin: “Ya, my pupils get all weird and change sizes. It’s like my ‘tell.'”

(A tell for what? Imagine playing poker with this person…)

Overheard at Ferris: “You went to sleep and woke up naturally at 7? You know what that’s called? Cocaine.”

 (We wonder if there is a connection here…)

10 super awesome Bwog points to whoever comes up with the best connection between these two overheards or for anyone who can figure out what the “tell” is referring to!


Bwog’s crazy uncle via Shutterstock

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  1. anon

    These are two different people who have been in a passion filled relationship. Person number 1(hereby to be referred to as 1) and person in overheard number 2 (going to be called 2) were in 2's room for a romantic night on valentines day. As they were stripping down to have some fun 2 pulls out a bag of cocaine. This is when 1's pupils got all weird and changed sizes. 1 was a cocaine addict. They went on to have cocaine fulled sex and because of this they woke up at 7. It was the best valentines day 1 could have asked for.

  2. Jane Lynch

    You know what I used to eat for breakfast? Cocaine.

    You know what I used to eat for lunch? ...


  3. Molly hunter  

    hi. i am looking for molly. i've been searching everywhere and i can't seem to find molly. do you know where i can find molly?

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