Reports from the Rumor Mill – IT’S MACKLEMORE! (maybe)

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The word on the street is that Macklemore is coming to Bachhanal! This comes on the heels of Yale’s announcement that Macklemore would be performing at Spring Fling. (We don’t wanna share!!!) Now, we stress that these are just rumors, but due to their frequency and potentially awesome implications we felt that we should share this not-quite-news-yet-news with you!

If you want to add your voice to the rumor mill sound off in the comment section below.


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  1. typo  

    "This comes on the heels of Yale’s announcement that Bacchanal would be performing at Spring Fling"


  2. HITHERE  

    "This comes on the heels of Yale’s announcement that Bacchanal would be performing at Spring Fling"

  3. Old, decrepit 2013er  

    Mackelmore is turrible.

  4. Um  

    I heard this like 2 weeks ago from a number of people....a little late bwog?

  5. Nathan Hale Raider  

    And don't forget it

  6. Ain't no one here for that

    I don't want everyone to sing along to his only hit with awkward silence ensuing during the rest of the set.

    • Anonymous

      His other songs are actually pretty great. Check out Wings, The Town, Otherside, Irish, and, of course, his pro gay-marriage anthem, Same Love. Dude's been to rehab, stayed sober, produces all his own videos. He's pretty impressive.

  7. Seattleite  

    Macklemore puts on an incredible show - guaranteed that this would be great even for those that aren't familiar with all his music.

  8. Macklemore sucks

    2 chainz or bust

  9. This  

    is categorically not going to happen

  10. Let's get  

    Alesso or Zedd!

  11. al0  

    that would be amazing

  12. Person Studying Abroad this Semester

    Really Columbia? I leave for one semester and thats the semester you decide to have a good free concert?!

  13. Chop

    Fuck this shit bring Chief Keef, Lil Reesey, and Fredo Santana

  14. we need more ratchet

    chief keef, riff raff, max b, trinidad james, frenchie, etc

  15. fingers crossed  

    I heard puppy cops will be headlining

  16. Chop

    Also bring The Weeknd to get the bitches wet

  17. Anonymous

    blue scholars anyone

  18. millie the dancing bear

    Also heard le1f will open... And mac miller might be doing the other Columbia music festival concert...



  20. CC '13  

    only at columbia is the opening act (i.e. morningsiders) more popular than the headliner

  21. serious suggestion  

    the grateful dead

  22. you know  

    i heard about this really good group called curren$y. we totaslly need to get him

  23. Who the hell  

    is/are Macklemore?

  24. SEAS '13  


  25. Anonymous  

    Everyone complaining about Macklemore now will be wishing for him, an artist that's actually known, when find out what bullshit hipster is actually our headliner.

  26. whatever

    dudes garbage anyway...

  27. Macklemore  

    Is a sad attempt at a Bacchanal 'hip-hop' act

  28. Penn Student

    Stumbled across CU's Bwog from a link on Penn's Under the Button...rumors are that he'll be performing at Penn's Spring Fling as well...seems like the Ivy League has a penchant for the same artists?

  29. Anonymous  

    I would absolutely love this. His songs vary between the lighter stuff (Thrift Shop and And We Danced) and more serious stuff (Otherside and Wings, etc.), which I think would make for a pretty awesome set.

  30. Everybody's working for the  


    do it.


    They did it in Coachella 2012, and we should to...

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