Free Food for Engineering Week

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A week’s worth of free food is pretty awesome

The opening ceremony for Engineering Week will take place in Roone Arledge at 6 pm tonight, and there will be a bunch of food from Thai Market that apparently cost someone $2,000 but will cost $0 for you! There will be free food and free T-Shirts throughout the week in celebration of engineering at Columbia and around the nation!

Schedule for the week:

Sunday (Feb 17th)
Opening Ceremony: 6-7:30pm in Roone
Performances and free food from Thai Market!

Monday (Feb 18th)
Coffee Break: 8:15-10:15am in Mudd Lobby
Start the day with bagels and coffee from Starbucks

EWB-Engineers with BBQ: 8:00pm-9:30pm in Lerner Party Space
Enjoy Dinosaur BBQ with EWB!

Tuesday (Feb 19th)
IEEE-Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Study Break: 6:30-7:30pm in Lerner West Ramp Lounge
It may be cold but who doesn’t enjoy Liquid Nitrogen Icecream

SHPE-Amazing Race and Empanadas-8-9pm Lerner Party Space
Empanadas, Games, and special SHPE T-shirts for winners

Wednesday (Feb 20th)
SWE-Fun with Pinatas: Lerner C555 6-7pm
Take out your stress on pinatas

Thursday (Feb 21st)
NSBE-Game Night: Lerner C555 8:30-9:30pm
Enjoy food and games with NSBE

Friday (Feb 22nd)
Passport to SEAS: 12-3pm; Mudd Building
Explore what it truly means to be an engineer in Mudd. There will be lab tours, professor presentations, CCE and CSA, and of course food on each floor! The more activities you go to, the higher the probability of getting an E-week t-shirt.

Saturday (Feb 23rd)
Laser Tag: 9pm-12am; Roone

Sunday (Feb 24th)
Closing Ceremony: 6-7:30pm Party Space
Close out Engineering Week with Chipotle, CU Assassins Kick-Off, and the chance to win free tickets to Broadway shows and events around the city.

Celebrating Engineers  like it’s nobody’s business via CESC

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  1. For the love of God  

    Can we get a copy editor in here?

  2. return of Mad Libs?  

    "is in a will Roone"? am i going nuts or what?

  3. the week’s schedule after the jump  

    "The opening ceremony for Engineering Week is in a will Roone Arledge at 6 pm tonight, and there will be over $2,000 of food from Thai Market that apparently cost someone $2,000 but cost $0 for you!

    ...being an engineer at Columbia and around the Nation!"

    Who wrote this?

  4. Columbia College Science Major  

    Do I have to be an engineer to partake in the festivities?

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