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He undresses
He undresses

He undresses

If you think Frontiers of Science is a boring, useless class, think again—the Core’s most infamous class went wild today.

According to our reports, the first class of the physics unit was running a bit late when the lights went out. When they came back on, professor Emlyn Hughes was in the spotlight.

Then Snoop Dogg’s  Lil Wayne’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot” started playing in some sort of weird combination with deadmau5, Billy Joel, and Die Antwoord (UPDATE: we’re pretty sure this is what was playing) and he started to undress and put on a hoodie and sunglasses. After that, he curled up into a fetal position in his chair as images of 9/11, terrorists, and Nazi Germany started playing on the projector.

Finally, the show was interrupted by ninjas who appeared and smashed puppets onstage.

But none of this was as offensive as the fact that he proceeded to display a Big Bang Theory clip in a “Science” class.

We shit you not. And it makes no sense to us either.

Here’s the video:

FroSci Gone Wild from Bwog on Vimeo.

Update, 2/19 4:30 pm: The University has finally released a statement saying that “appropriate academic administrators” are “reviewing the facts of this particular presentation.”

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  1. Looked at my calendar

    to see if it was April fools already.

  2. Anonymous

    A desperate attempt to dress up a disastrous course in cool...

  3. CC 14  

    Dying to see a video of this.

  4. Ivana Hughes  

    better keep her hubby in check

  5. his explanation  

    "To understand quantum mechanics, you have to undress everything, start new, and forget all the bad stuff."

  6. cc 15  

    get a video of this!!

  7. I wish this had happened in my quantum class....  

    I had a quantum class this morning, and mine was NOT this exciting. Please tell me someone can get a working link to this video posted, so everyone who has to suffer through the mathematical explanation for particle in a box can live vicariously through the freshpeople who got to witness this.

  8. Artur  (Bwog Staff)  

    Video has been fixed, we'll get a Vimeo version up shortly

  9. Anonymous  

    *9-11 footage on screen*

    Girl: this is literally the taliban!

  10. Sherry J. Wolf  

    This is offensive and sexist. How does hosting a stripper help students learn science? My advice to you, drop out now and join me at occupy. Shameful.

  11. wtf

    I would be legit scared for my life if I was there

    • Anonymous  

      Can we have an anonymous poll to see how many people actually thought (even for an instant) that they were in danger of suffering physical harm?
      Because I know I am a paranoid fuck before I've had my morning coffee, but I can't have been the only one...

  12. Julius SEASar  

    This isn't real science. Real science requires endless note taking and at least 4 chapters of material per lecture.

  13. Willing to bet  

    Hughes did this to force Columbia to put freshman science out of its misery.

  14. lazy college senior

    not sure what the point of this was, but I'm digging that Snoop mix

  15. Heh  

    I only wish he did that in Physics 1401...

  16. Reason  

    I think we have not given enough weight to the possibility that he actually WANTS to draw criticism for FroSci and get it cancelled. maybe its a stretch because he's taught (and teaches) the class, but not all faculty members are fans.

    assuming he is at least moderately intelligent, how could he think that this would go over well? it seems like he purposely chose things that were offensive--there are many other ways to seem 'cool' or shock students into being interested-- but showing 9/11 videos and undressing on stage? he could not have simply been trying to make a point to the students.

    if you thought to yourself "hmm how can I get fired today"? a sure fired way would be to STRIP AND SHOW VIDEOS OF TERRORISTS AND NAZIS.

  17. Jealous Senior  


  18. Anonymous  

    This is a great work of art! A very inspiring move on behalf of the prof. I don't think he was exploiting 9/11 for shock value. In a sense he was letting his own demons out--things which he has to leave behind in order to engage in physics. Wonderful demonstration, wish I could've been there.

    • Anonymous  

      Stripping naked and showing videos of 9/11, Nazis, and terrorists is a "great work of art"? You need to go get your head examined..

    • Is this a joke?

      "In a sense he was letting his own demons out--things which he has to leave behind in order to engage in physics"

      He had to leave behind 9/11 and that morning's pants in order to "engage" in physics? I'm all for catharsis and therapeutic experiences, but really?!



  20. CC '16

    Of all the days to skip FroSci, I chose today...

  21. Annonymous

    I am appalled. Given the sensitivity of guns and violence in our country right now, this was offensive and scary. It was awfully reminiscent of James Holmes movie theater shooting and I would have been very afraid if I had been there. His skit was designed to elicit fear. Pulling out what appears to be a gun after sitting there watching disturbing images is very poor judgement and he is lucky he wasn't tackled by someone thinking he had lost his mind and that he was going to hurt someone. He probably needs a mental health evaluation before being allowed to teach again.

  22. Anonymous  

    You guys, science can be fun!

    Let's do a back-of-the-envelope calculation for how high the attendance for next week will be relative to this week.

  23. Anonymous  

    just to clarify..this guy is a brilliant professor and works at like its not that he isn't intelligent. he's obviously trying to make a statement about something. i'll be interested to see what the school's response is.

  24. Also  

    he wore the sunglasses with his hood up for the entire lecture. The whole time.

  25. nilay kumar  

    FYI : I'm a sophomore; I work for Hughes lol
    So I emailed Emlyn: "So I heard frontiers of science was pretty interesting today! What did I miss?!"
    and he replies: "Nothing. All just exaggerations :-)"

  26. engineer who took his class  

    i feel that he will be fired for this...

  27. Anonamoose  

    Bwog, this is not Snoop Dogg. It's Lil Wayne and Mannie Fresh. Come on.

  28. Amy

    "Yeah, um.... is this gonna be on the exam?"

  29. Anonymous

    I'm pretty sure that one girl said "Hi Saddam" at 3:49. Is the audio not matched to the video, or do some Columbia students really not know what Joseph Stalin looks like.

    • Anon

      What I don't understand is how no one else has commented yet on the two girls' reactions to the video (aside from misidentifying the song)--what the fuck. Who are these girls, and why are they allowing idiots into our school? If my professor started showing that shit in one of my lectures, I'd shut the fuck up and pay attention (even if only to make sure that my life wasn't in danger). My major problem with that video was them, not anything on that stage or screen. I hope they're ashamed that a large percentage of their student body heard them portray themselves like asinine children.

  30. anon

    Terrorists should have executed Schrodinger's cat in the middle of the show. Would have been a better connection with quantum mechanics...
    Or maybe the Physics section is done and they are now going over the history of hallucinogenic drugs (would explain the sunglasses, actually).

  31. Jesse Pinkman


  32. CC '12

    Oh, Columbia, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

  33. Story of the core  

    "How is this relevant to anything?"

  34. Anonymous  

    It's funny, my instinctual inclination was to assume the girl saying "What's happening?" was from barnard

  35. Will.I.Am  

    There is no doubt in my mind that this is somehow related to the illuminati.

  36. GS '1X

    Damn I love not having to take FroSci

    or LitHum

    or CC

  37. Anonymous

    I'm more offended that the girls in the video and the author thought that was Snoop Dogg's "Drop it Like Its Hot."

  38. gay

    Is he hot? I didn't get a good look at that bod.

  39. Wow. So let me get this straight, nobody raised their hands after all of that to ask what the fuck just happened? Y'all just sat in complete bafflement for the next hour?

  40. Former SEAS

    I always wondered whether CC was as fun as it looked. Now I know.

  41. Angered Person  

    This is a terrible case of Vertical Video Syndrome. Bwog, you need rehabilitation immediately. These symptoms can be contagious when exposed to such a large audience.

  42. But seriously though  

    Where'd he get a sword from?

  43. But seriously though  

    Where'd he get a sword from?

  44. No amount of contrived classical weirdness
    Can approach the twisted marvel of quantum reality
    Which Nature displays effortlessly
    In the depths of Her tiniest phenomena.

    • yes but

      oh the torment bred in the lecture halls
      the grinding scream of stress
      the stroke that hits the vein
      the exam no one can pass, the grief,
      the course no one can bear

      but there is a cure, and it's not Adderall, no,
      not answers from others but from them,
      their bloody strife. we sing to you,
      dark gods beneath the earth

      now hear, you blissful powers underground -
      answer the text, send help (answers to problem set plz)
      bless the undergrads, give them vacation now

  45. Anonymous

    so these are the joke science classes they take in CC? grade inflation anyone?

  46. Anonymous  

    If OMA somehow finds a way to get involved in this.....

  47. Ezekiel Hornblower, Phd.

    Any ideas how I could find a copy of this video in China? I live behind the Great Chinese Firewall, and the instant url is blocked here. I'd love to show a copy to my kids here. Thanks!

  48. this is what happens when communist professors are allowed to teach in our schools of lower learning. maybe they should be giving them a piss test before each class. Someone in this video has a cocaine problem.

  49. John

    My question would be how a person could reach the point of being qualified to take a course in quantum mechanics (never mind teaching it) without coming to the realization that steel-framed skyscrapers don't "collapse".

  50. Anonymous

    You confused a 15 yr old weezy for Snoop but try to pull off a Die Antwoord reference. Dumb.

  51. CC '16  

    I honestly don't see what the outrage is (I was right in the front row) and think it's completely idiotic for people to say "Oh this class is such a joke it's not a real science class", "So that's what we're wasting our money on?" or "oh he should get fired". People get offended too easily. He proceeded to teach the rest of the class without antics and is an extremely knowledgeable professor. So he stripped to his boxers and had a couple people impale a cat piñata. SO WHAT. He's not mentally disturbed, he's not making a huge, sweeping statement about the quality of science classes and I HOPE he's not made to apologize. He wanted to start class off with a bang. And he did. Get over it.

    • CC '16  

      And also, it's not a "waste of money" if I actually absorb and learn what he's teaching me, no matter his methods. So if he has to stand in his boxers every lecture for me to completely understand quantum physics, so be it because I'll tell you what I'm NOT paying for: a class that I come out of completely unenlightened by.

  52. foolish freshman  

    You'll soon learn with FroSci that is EXACTLY what you're paying for.

  53. NoWOW

    You guys pay for this shit? You can see this kind of talentless stupid crap at any fucking hipster dig in most cities any day of the week! Fucking paint a bird on it already! Enjoy your memories when your waiting tables as a debt slave later on trying to pay of that student loan. You can get all nostalgic and tell everyone how YOU WERE THERE....

  54. ResearcherCERN

    I know Prof. Hughes personally and as a researcher.
    He has been a great mentor to many people I know, and
    he is always worried about trying to reach the students
    in a class that clearly seems to have people with quite
    widespread backgrounds.

    This whole performance does not achieve that goal, unfortunately,
    in my opinion. But in this blog (and wherever else it has been reported)
    it is taken completely out of context, and gives the impression
    that Prof. Hughes is some sort of nut, which he is definitely
    not. This is a bit unfortunate, and I hope that any action is
    taken (and comments posted) in view of the full picture and
    considering the person and the intentions behind this.

  55. SEAS '13  

    I'd eat my SEAS beanie to have a lecture like this.

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