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Like the Financial Advisory Council,  efficiency and effectiveness are this creepy robot’s favorite qualities.

While the unbearably chilly weather made Diana Center Bureau Chief Maddie Ball wish for the more temperate climates of Alderaan, a peaceful planet, she still endured the wind to see what SGA had planned. Without an administrative guest this week, the rep council’s meeting was short and sweet, just like this report.

While it’s not news that SGA will be hosting the semester’s first Town Hall next Wednesday (Feb 27th)(6pm-8pm)(James Room)(be there), it is news that finances will be the topic of discussion. Namely, the Financial Advisory Council will be unveiling its Efficient and Effective Expenditures Initiative, a program that seeks to provide information regarding Barnard’s finances. However, this knowledge isn’t just for students’ general use; rather, as the title suggest, the program hopes to efficiently and effectively provide pertinent financial data to students’ initiatives upon request. What does this mean exactly? Well, it means that if you are pitching a request to administration, you could, potentially, support your appeal with financial stats and figures from Barnard.

Keep in mind this helpful program does not provide currency to inquiring students, it merely provides data, or even further, recommendations. That’s right, your initiative could receive a seal of approval from the FAC, given that, well, your request is worthy. Potentially, this written endorsement could swing favor if administration is on the edge about your proposal. The only tough thing about the information or recommendation request process is that it must be completed in conjunction with a rep council member. This, SGA admits, is to ensure students get more in touch with the rep council, and further, to ensure that the FAC isn’t inundated with requests. Whether this process will hinder the efficiency and effectiveness of the Efficient and Effective Expenditures Initiative remains to be unseen.

In any case, request forms will be available online following the upcoming town hall meeting, though there is no concrete date for when applications will be accepted. For more information regarding this new resource, make sure to attend the meeting, as it will be discussed thoroughly.

In bullet point convenience, here are some upcoming events!

  • AOII is looking for members- even seniors! Originally founded at Barnard, this sorority is restarting itself in style. To learn more, there will be an info session this Friday at 7:45 in the Lerner Party Space.
  • Furman is celebrating Body Positive Week! Make sure to check out the events that will be happening this week.
  • Make sure to stop by during lunch (11am-2pm) on Wednesday and Thursday of this week in the Diana to share your opinion on Barnard’s curriculum, education requirements, etc. with SGA.

Good luck braving the cold and read next week!

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