Tapingo, Pre-Order and Pick-Up System, Partners with Columbia Dining

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The most beautiful stock image of a sandwich in existence

The most beautiful stock image of a sandwich in existence

How many times have you wandered into Hamdel or Cafe 212 or a select group of local stores and restaurants and grumbled to yourself, “Why must I be oppressed by long waits for food? Why must I stand in a line of losers, all forced to waste their precious moments on this earth in an inevitable struggle to obtain a sandwich? Curse my hunger! Curse my sandwich! A plague on all humanity!” ? Too many times, right?

Well, as of today Columbia Dining is going to put a stop to such injustices. Columbia Dining will partner with Tapingo, an online food ordering system which allows customers to place a food or drink order, pay by VISA, MasterCard, Amex, Pay Pal or a Columbia University Flex Account (where accepted) and then pick it up. You don’t have to wait in line, or interact with someone to give your order! Tapingo will launch in Café 212 on campus and could spread to other Dining units depending on its success. Tapingo will also be available at a few local places including HamDel.

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