Bwoglines: Other News Edition

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Things are happening in the world!

Things are happening in the world!

Whoa, guys, Columbia just now became famous! So what will this do to next year’s admissions?! (WSJ, Gothamist, DNAinfo, Huff Post, Terra, Fox, Daily Mail, ABC, TIME)

In  real other news:

China keeps trying to hack us. Hey, pick on someone your own size! (WSJ)

The Supreme Court will hear a case on limiting campaign contributions. (NY Times)

International Space Station—where’d you go? I miss you so! Seems like it’s been forever that you’ve been gone. (CNN)

New details emerge in the Pistorius case. (USA Today)

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  1. Anonymous  

    Bwogs tags used to be so much funnier and less judgemental..

  2. hmmm  

    wait so let me get this straight: columbia will spam the student population about cumb orgo posters, but not a peep about froscanity? iiiiiiiiiiiinteresting...

  3. Anonymous

    This Fro sci thing, like the Forrest Whitaker story, is once again blown way out of proportion. If things like this happened before blogs, it would have been forgotten five minutes later.

    • Heisenberg  

      Youre telling me a professor stripping to his underwear in a 550 person class (besides everything else) wouldnt be spread by word of mouth? I heard it from 3 different friends in the class before seeing the bwog article.

  4. Anonymous  

    Fuck yeah, we made TIME?

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