Froscanity: So Ridiculous, It’s a Cartoon

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In the media coverage still focusing on Monday’s Froscanity, cartoonists at the New York Daily News are now depicting their version of the episode. We think cartoon Dr. Hughes looks pretty good in the nude, but he’s not wearing a g-string for us to tuck our $45,000 checks into.
dat ass

Cartoon from the New York Daily News

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  1. Dr. Hughes  

    Meh. Needs more taliban.

  2. Confused  

    I would be more mentally prepared for this image if I had watched some 9/11 footage first.

  3. CC 14  


  4. Looking through my ancient physics notes I discovered the following:

    There is a variation of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal, p*v≥k , that permits the above. We have the great Botcherini von Milano to thank for this astute translation of the notebooks of incomparable Don Giovanni de Palermo.

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