Jay Pinho

Jay Pinho

The Morningside Post is SIPA’s “premier [only?] student-run news and opinion site.” Jay Pinho is TMN’s opinion editor. And two days ago, he sure had an opinion. He began:

This past December, with final exams looming, many SIPA students descended into Lehman Library only to stumble upon the only thing even more frightening than the prospect of failing a class: hordes of undergraduates.

Boorish undergrads, he whined, “conversed loudly, consumed entire meals in the library, and—perhaps most uncharacteristically for Lehman—arrived in their pajamas to cram for exams.” Don’t know what this last part means—that SIPA students are very fashionable?

Anyways, after profiling younger-looking people as undergraduates—did Jay ask them their affiliation?—he demonstrated the critical acumen it takes to get into SIPA. Apparently there’s a “dearth of available space” at Columbia, and Lehman is open to the entire University community—including pajama-clad undergraduates. He then explained that “A Morningside Post investigation,” which we can only assume means checking a few libraries’ websites and sending a few emails, found that Columbia and peer libraries also let in their entire university community. Except for asshole law libraries.

His spiel doesn’t conclude so much as peter out. He lamely finishes with the revelation that there’s not a lot of space at Columbia. And that some undergrads do need books at Lehman. (Presumably these ones don’t wear pajamas.)

According to SIPA’s About page, graduates strive to “secure peace, in their home communities and around the world.” So, these are our students of international affairs? How do we expect them to negotiate for scarce resources with unfamiliar peoples when they can’t even share library space with undergraduates at their own university without sniveling over it?

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