SIPA to Undergrads: Off My Damn Lawn

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Jay Pinho

Jay Pinho

The Morningside Post is SIPA’s “premier [only?] student-run news and opinion site.” Jay Pinho is TMN’s opinion editor. And two days ago, he sure had an opinion. He began:

This past December, with final exams looming, many SIPA students descended into Lehman Library only to stumble upon the only thing even more frightening than the prospect of failing a class: hordes of undergraduates.

Boorish undergrads, he whined, “conversed loudly, consumed entire meals in the library, and—perhaps most uncharacteristically for Lehman—arrived in their pajamas to cram for exams.” Don’t know what this last part means—that SIPA students are very fashionable?

Anyways, after profiling younger-looking people as undergraduates—did Jay ask them their affiliation?—he demonstrated the critical acumen it takes to get into SIPA. Apparently there’s a “dearth of available space” at Columbia, and Lehman is open to the entire University community—including pajama-clad undergraduates. He then explained that “A Morningside Post investigation,” which we can only assume means checking a few libraries’ websites and sending a few emails, found that Columbia and peer libraries also let in their entire university community. Except for asshole law libraries.

His spiel doesn’t conclude so much as peter out. He lamely finishes with the revelation that there’s not a lot of space at Columbia. And that some undergrads do need books at Lehman. (Presumably these ones don’t wear pajamas.)

According to SIPA’s About page, graduates strive to “secure peace, in their home communities and around the world.” So, these are our students of international affairs? How do we expect them to negotiate for scarce resources with unfamiliar peoples when they can’t even share library space with undergraduates at their own university without sniveling over it?

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  1. omg  

    Who wrote this? It's amazing! We'll done Bwog.

  2. Beyonce Pad Thai  

    Yo, just confirming SIPA's full of devils.

  3. Anonymous  

    Insecurity is THE major personality trait among graduate students.

    (except for facial hair and their lack of social graces)

  4. Anonymous

    No SIPA student, of course, has never studied on the second, third, or fourth floors of Butler, a.k.a. the Milstein Undergraduate Library.

    • Anonymous

      Oops, guess that should be "ever." Guess I need a copy editor. Hey, Mr. Pinho, you're interested in journalism and editing, right? I'm hiring interns... Interviews will be at the tables on the north side of Lehman's main reading room, in between the bunches of loudly whispering grad students who, in my three years of working regularly in Lehman, I have never seen studying.

  5. Anonymous

    I love when all the undergrads start filling up Lehman. Soooo many cute boys. Love, a big giant super gay SIPA boy.

  6. Anonymous  

    *The Morningside Post. Good start.

  7. Anon  

    What are scare resources?

  8. JJ11 4 lyfe  

    ay i just wanna let this guy know that all undergrads aint squares real talk im just tryna have a good time maybe he should too it sounds like he could use it. I mean like why you gotta hate on the younguns you know we the leaders of tomm but i don harbor hate i like to keep it chill idk Jay if u readin' this and wanna kick it hmu i'm sure we'd be chill talkin bout jazz and giraffes lmao

  9. ugh

    grad students have lost all their imagination they are all about the practical it's so sad

  10. Alum

    Mr. Pinto sees Lehman as a SIPA library that chooses not to exclude other students. It's actually a general social sciences library, which also holds most of the journalism collection. SIPA has no special claim to it.

  11. van owen  

    omg i hate it when phat ass white blonde girls wear yoga pants only to cover up their juicy, bouncy asses with a skirt. Why would you deprive me of my one true pleasure when it's just a piece of clothe away from "rearing" it's beauty? I swear, if there is a heaven, it will be an endless chain of phat ass white blonde girls in yoga pants clapping their thick booties rhythmically. ugh.

  12. Anonymous  

    He just looks surly. Maybe if he smiled more often he wouldn't be so jaded?

  13. Anonymous

    Yes, and Butler is the "undergraduate library of Columbia University." I hope there are no grad students there.

  14. Anonymous

    Stop whining, SIPA is going to get a huge new building in Manhattanville (and the college can take over their current building.)

  15. All ill sentiments aside,  

    I'd hit it...just sayin'

  16. Anonymous  

    It's not an opinion piece. Unnecessarily inflammatory blog is inflammatory.

  17. Anon  

    SIPA grad students are only beat by journalism grad students when it comes to stupidity.

  18. Rama  

    Hey, the article implied "if you wanna use a grad school library behave like a grad student, you are not in a baseball game".

  19. Vivian Coyne  

    I tried...

  20. Well-written.

    As a SIPA student, I must say that it's depressingly common among SIPA's purportedly global citizens to imagine oneself as part of a cool kids club in which undergraduates, including hundreds of social science students, don't belong in the Lehman Social Sciences Library. Never mind the preposterous and self-congratulatory implication that hours of self-managed study in a university basement library are made more legitimate by business casual.

    Incidentally, it's not uncommon to hear this exclusive attitude justified with the notion that, as graduate students, SIPA students are subject to a more demanding workload than Columbia undergrads. First ticket for the clue bus: Columbia's undergraduate program doesn't award three 6000-level credits for an accounting class.

  21. Anonymous  

    same shit in Uris. you get the dirtiest looks and overhead comments...

  22. sipastud

    Dear undergrads/youngins,
    Just wait until you are in graduate school. You will be able to spot undergrads instantly, and it really has nothing to do with the meal consumption or even the pajama wearing. It's the whole acting like you're 18-21 bit. It's the same reason no one 21+ ever wants to go to an 18+ bar/club. Or, for that matter, any 18 year old wants to hang out with an 8 year old. (Fun fact: the average age at SIPA is 27, so you are pretty much a decade younger...and more immature).

  23. Cristiano

    Who'd want to study in that filth factory anyway. I'd rather study in the bathroom. Zombies flock there late at night because they need darkness and moldy settings. My parents thought SIPA was the university parking lot when they visited.

    Loving this highbrow sass though. Fighting on the internet is such a novelty!!!!!

    - Proud SIPA student

  24. occupy SIPA  

    from now on I will study in SIPA in my PJ everyday

  25. SIPA Student who doesn't agree

    These comments aren't reflective of how all SIPA students feel nor act - so please don't stoop down to Jay Pinho's level and categorically stereotype all SIPA students as he did the undergraduates.

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