Drinking With Bwog: SEAS Edition

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Looks totally okay to drink

Bwog knows that those of you studying subjects of the math-y persuasion have your midterms this week. Whether you need to study tonight or forget about the test you just took, we have what you need. In case you’re feeling nostalgic for your numbers (or you’re trying to drink and study at the same time), we bring you…Drinking with SEAS.

The Prime Directive


  • 1 shot Bacardi 151
  • 5 oz 2% milk
  • 3 shots Kahlua from 2011


  • Pour the milk first, then the Kahlua, then the rum. Stir with a protractor. Yes, we know 1 isn’t technically a prime number. We’re new to this whole numbers thing, okay?

The Chemist’s Comfort


  • 500 mL moonshine
  • 2 pinches homemade sodium chloride
  • 2 tbsp fruit extract


  • Obviously, if you didn’t learn how to brew your own liquor, your chemistry skills are not yet advanced enough for this drink. Use a funnel to pour everything together in a volumetric flask and swirl it around dramatically to stir. Pass it around and take shots as you study.


The Particle Accelerator


  • 1 liter centrifugally separated red wine, whiskey, and/or beer (in any combination)


  • Put everything into a vacuum chamber. After vacuuming the air out of the chamber, smash the glass, causing the liquids to fly out in all directions. Make your friends stand in a circle and whoever catches the most alcohol and the least glass in their mouth wins.


The Home-Grown


  • 4 home-grown strawberries
  • 1 tsp miscellaneous bacterial cultures
  • 1.5 oz tequila


  • Cut up strawberries and place in a bowl. Pour tequila over strawberries. Remove strawberries and pour tequila into a shot glass with one strawberry. Garnish with bacteria, then light on fire to avoid infection before drinking.

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  1. SEAS '14  

    Wait but a cup would have to be exceptionally wide to be able to be stirred with a protractor. I don't get it. How would you stir a beverage with a protractor? This does not seem efficient.

  2. SEAS '13  

    Oh, Bwog. *pats head*

  3. Anonymous  

    nothing about 1020?

  4. Julius SEASar  

    This is a vile concoction.

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