Overheard: Kids Say the Darnedest Things

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Eat his dust!

Eat his dust!

While walking through College Walk the other day, Bwog observed two small children riding their bikes:


Child 1: Aren’t you getting tired of this?

Child 2: No! We’ll stop when I say we stop.


Awww… What a cute little future dictator. Welcome to Columbia, kids! You’ll fit right in.




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  1. Okay so now  

    we're all dictators or something?

    Bwog, must you jam cynicism into everything?

  2. woah

    That kid is SO ALPHA.
    was the other one a girl? i bet he gets all the ladies. baby girls love a kindergarten boy who goes for what he wants.

    -- seas guy who goes for what he wants.

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