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play on acronyms I see what you did there
play on acronyms I see what you did there

World Taekwondo Federation is now up and running!
Deceptively, its name stands for What To Fix Columbia, and essentially is a discussion board where you can complain and discuss the problems in our university.

Anyone with a UNI can now make an account. Facebook integration and a mobile app are still in the works.

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  1. Geordi La Forge  

    Why UNI only? anonymous B@B posted constructive ideas Re: mental health and student policy that, at least for me, are uncomfortable to share under a uni. I would like to ask CCSC to not limit the reach of these ideas to the mundane because of the chilling effect of linking this service to UNIs. I understand you guys don't want trolls on this service, but if you look at the uservoice version, we had supportive ideas. Maybe ask for volunteer moderators? Maybe hide uni and name on posts?

  2. Anonymous  

    I don't see this going well.

    • Anonymous  


      I think this could be really helpful - it's an easy way to see what other students think about issues on campus. The question is, how can this be put to use? Can the student councils actively use this to get data?

      • Anonymous  

        Right now, the student councils only get feedback from emails sent in or talking to people around campus. Obviously, this gives skewed ideas of student input. Just because a few people want to, for instance, change the hours of Ferris so it opens an hour later but stays open until 9, doesn't mean that it's what most students want. This tool isn't going to include everyone, obviously, but it's the best data we can get. Since it's student driven, it's more likely to get responses and traffic, because people are operating on their own terms. When student councils send out surveys or host town halls, on the other hand, the response and turnout rates are really low.

      • Anonymous  

        Another cool feature of the technology is that anyone with an account can choose to "Follow" issues. That way, when the policy committees meet each week and use this active priority list to figure out what students actually want to see, they can publish updates that will then be sent to those who actually care about a particular issue.

  3. question

    doesn't MIT have a "MIT fml" page--can't we have something like that?

  4. J.T. Ramseur

    Obligatory shout out for the World Taekwondo Federation caption!

  5. Anonymous  

    We taste farts

  6. Anonymous  

    at least now cu admirers and compliments wont be filled with people just looking for a place to rant. hallelujah

  7. CC14

    WTF Columbia, it has been 2 hours and I havent gotten my confirmation email. Ironic, no?

  8. Anonymous  

    Remember that you can ONLY register with a Barnard or Columbia email address?

    • Anonymous  

      CC'14 from above -- could be your issue.

      If you registered with a UNI, and you still did not receive an email -- send us your UNI at, and we'll check to see what's happening.

  9. The problem has never been...  

    ...that we don't have a forum to voice our concerns. It's that half of us don't give a shit and the other half is way too vocal to ever be listened to seriously.

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