Security Alert: Be Less Friendly

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Barnard students received another curiously worded security alert today about a concerning interaction between a student and a potentially dangerous male who “approached her in the vicinity of Milbank hall, as she was walking towards Barnard Hall, and engaged her in conversation” until he “became agitated” and threatened her.

The full email and description of the individual is below. Bwog would like to take this opportunity to remind all individuals in the vicinity of Milbank Hall that you are in New York City and that there’s a reason that we’re all rude here, and it’s because things like this happen.

Public Safety Friends,

On Monday, February 25, 2013, at 1:10pm, a Barnard College student reported that a male approached her in the vicinity of Milbank Hall, as she was walking towards Barnard Hall, and engaged her in conversation, became agitated and told her “You know I’m unstable, if you talk to me again, I’ll shoot you.” No weapons were displayed and the person departed the campus. An area search for the person by Public Safety concluded with negative results.

The description of this person is Male Black, late 30’s, 5’11”, slim build, balding, beard, wearing a black puffy jacket, a red hoodie, and blue pants. If this person is observed on campus please report it immediately to Barnard College Public Safety at 212-854-3362.

Additionally, remember to stay alert when walking on campus and as you travel throughout the neighborhood.

Antonio Gonzalez
Associate Director
Barnard Public Safety

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  1. KJ

    May be he got agitated once he realized the stupidity of the Barnard chick. He must have thought "why the hell did I ask this question, I should have gone across the street and met some intelligent people".

  2. Hmm  

    "Be less friendly"? Vaguely victim-blaming?

  3. Ok

    Probably he begged and said " Sorry for asking this question, if you talk to me for 10 more seconds I will shoot myself". Poor guy didn't know what he was getting into.

  4. Unigo College Rankings, inc.  

    That's a few marks down. Maybe 5th place?

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