Overheard: True Love

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Wait…do drunken break-ups count?

We’ve all said things we wish we could take back after one too many drinks. Some of us, though, take it to a whole new level. We dunno sweetheart — maybe you should start looking for another fish in the sea?

So he doesn’t remember breaking up with you? Like he was just super drunk?

What a totally healthy relationship!

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  1. Listen....

    I got this friend. Let's call him "Rudolph" . He's got this thing; he's got this thing for Jewish women, in particular the types with a particular shade of hair coloring that is brown. But like, he ain't a damn Jew! Since this topic is about 'healthy relationships' I would assume this is healthy because anything Kosher is healthy! Can someone please explain this phenonmenon?

    me? personally? i love fucking italian women (metaphorically, that is. im a very respectful dude)

    - That Damn Jew, CC 2010; PhD, 2016

  2. Anonymous  

    Shut the fuck up Bwog.

  3. Listen....

    Up the fuck, Bwog. Sh[i]t.

  4. Hey Bwog  

    Shut the fuck up.

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