Bwoglines: Killing It Edition

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Assassin: Killed. It was the shot bludgeoning sad little scream heard around the world! Yesterday, at 4:38 am, the first kill of Engineering Week’s game of Assassins was posted for the world to see. Lesson: never leave your room during a Modern Family marathon. (CU Assassins)

Criticism: Killed. Harvard seems to be taking an interesting new approach to college recruitment. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all – and definitely don’t say it at Harvard. (The Harvard Crimson)

Your Wallet: Killed. Speaking of telling people to take a hike, you’ll be doing a lot more of that. The MTA has passed a hike in Metro Card prices. Starting tomorrow it’s going to be even harder to make yourself go south of 96th Street. (Gothamist)

Our Government: Killed. In a sad, but not completely unexpected turn of events, the sequester has taken effect. Bwog has survivalist relatives somewhere in the Kansas flint hills. That’s our plan for the collapse. What’s yours? (NPR)


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  1. This game trains you for some real ass shit

    My older brother (SEAS '09), played CU Assassins too. He later moved to Brazil to work for an investment bank and one night the few of them were out to a client meeting and 2 guys came out of the bathroom, one of them wielding a knife and stun gun and hit his colleague in the back. His private security sitting at a table across the room pulled out a (from what I heard, silenced) pistol and shot the first assassin in the leg. The second one ran away but not before my brother and another guy bashing him in the face and him picking up a fork and stabbing him with it lol. shit was insane.

  2. Anonymous  

    1/4 students in the graduating class of SEAS is from the 3+2 program. It is a scheme for rich people to get guaranteed admission into Columbia for only a 3.3 gpa at schools like kentucky state. The administration thinks they're pulling a fast one on us. But we won't stand for it any longer. They didnt accept these mediocre students in the first place to protect its stats, so why accept them later just to bolster funds? It hurts all of us. Especially, these sub-par imbeciles who don't belong at Columbia.

    We wont stand for this any longer. Thats why we should all go on strike against Columbia

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