Where Art Our Artists?

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You can be the authority on this

You can be the authority on this

Do you spend your days waiting for our brilliant theatre reviews and snazzy commentary on campus arts? Now you have an opportunity to live the dream: Bwog is looking for astute and ambitious Arts writers!  If you’re interested in theatre, music, film, dance, or visual arts of any kind, this is for you.  It’s a great way to become involved with Bwog, see some art, and flex your creative muscles.  You don’t have to be involved in arts on campus at all; in fact, often it’s more interesting if you’re not.  We need reviewers for events on and off campus, so keep an open mind and share your art opinions with the world!  Email if this is something that interests you!

 Artistic inspiration via Wikimedia Commons 

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  1. anon

    first an add for a sports person and now one for an arts person? do you even have a staff

  2. Anonymous  

    1/4 students in the graduating class of SEAS is from the 3+2 program. It is a scheme for rich people to get guaranteed admission into Columbia for only a 3.3 gpa at schools like kentucky state. The administration thinks they're pulling a fast one on us. But we won't stand for it any longer. They didnt accept these mediocre students in the first place to protect its stats, so why accept them later just to bolster funds? It hurts all of us. Especially, these sub-par imbeciles who don't belong at Columbia.

    We wont stand for this any longer. Thats why we should all go on strike against Columbia

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