Bwoglines: Downer Edition

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Please accept this hedgehog as an apology for this bwoglines being such a downer.

Tehran has deployed sniper squads to take out its huge population of cat-sized rats. That’s one way to do it. (NPR)

If Atsufumi Yoshizawa could work through the nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima powerplant, you can probably finish that super-boring reading. (Independent)

Pat yourselves on the back because, unlike Oberlin, we didn’t have to cancel classes for a day after an unusually high level of hate incidents. (Gawker)

Filed under: Things that remind us that not being super smart and sensitive has its upsides – The Tragedy of Aaron Swartz. (New Yorker)

Is sugar the next tobacco? Should it be regulated like alcohol? (Pacific Standard)

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  1. did you read the link?  

    It's Swartz, not Schwartz.

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