Overheard: Men of Many Talents

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So impressive

So impressive

A tipster overheard this charming conversation at a party this weekend:

Bro 1 : I can bite a bra off! For real! I’m just like *RRRRR*!
Bro 2: I’m working on just the flick and drop. One swift motion!
Bro 3: Fuck yeah!


Congratulation squad via Shutterstock

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  1. Anonymous  

    The photo makes this amazing. So impressed. Good snark!

  2. Anonymous  

    Unbelievable. Was I the only guy that did the logical thing as a high school freshman and watched youtube videos of how to efficiently remove a girls bra??

  3. Anonymous  

    yes, I did it as a college junior

  4. SEAS  

    Now no one tell them that bras can have up to four or five hooks. Don't want to confuse the poor dears.

  5. impressed  

    I have a hard time removing them
    and I'm a girl

  6. WTF

    highschool freshman and already watching videos on removing bras???

    when i was a hs freshman, i had just found out what a blowjob was from overhearing classmates and asking them what it meant. i spent my early hs years focussing on being really good at basketball, student govt, and academic pursuits...didn't even realize all the things the last 3 years that girls acted to me meant they were hitting on me until end of 11th grade. Good lord, our generation is either getting unclassier every year or the shit we're feeding to youngsters have too much hormones in em.

    CC guy '13

  7. WTF

    That is true (i've had a lot of "relationship fun" in college and am still pretty set on future career aspects), ....but not at age 14. I personally don't think that's healthy at such an age.

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