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Bob the Builder - Can he fix it?

Bob the Builder – Can he fix it?

Joined by Jared Odessky of CCSC, SGA met once again last night to discuss campus’ newest fad, WTF Columbia. As per usual, Maddie Ball was there, braving the New York Hoth winds of to get the details.

Though only eight days old, pretty much everyone has heard of the newest website to take campus by storm: WTF Columbia. If you haven’t, it’s a nifty project created by CCSC that allows students to post their personal ideas for improving campus. Some popular suggestions that have been launched by your peers so far, for example, are to create a Courseworks app for your phone, or to do something about the dismal shape of Pupin Plaza. Besides being actually super useful, it’s a great way to procrastinate under the guise of improving your school- or you know, something like that.

CCSC vice president of communications, Jared Odessky, joined SGA last night to get the rep council’s opinions and suggestions on the website. While most of SGA was extremely enthusiastic about the project, there were still a few concerns voiced. Namely, the rep council wanted the website to be ultra clear that WTF Columbia is for the entire university, including Barnard, and not just Columbia College. Also, there was some discourse on the clever title, as not everyone was exactly a fan. While WTF stands for “What to Fix,” some believed the pun might detract from the mission of the website. Odessky defended the choice, however, stating that it was important that the project’s name be attention-grabbing and informal. In short, CCSC wants this project to be student driven, rather than an uncool extension of the administration.

In other news, SGA voted tonight to decide whether the Barnard/Columbia Ancient Drama Group would be officially be recognized by Barnard. The group truly is ancient in a manner of speaking, going twenty-five years without Barnard recognition. While there were initially some concerns that the group was too heavily populated by graduate students, SGA finally made the plunge and voted to pass the motion and approve the request.

Finally in terms of upcoming events, make sure to check out the Interfaith Arts Gala this Thursday from 8pm-10pm on the second floor of the Diana. Besides art, there will also be mocktails, so be sure to drop by and be cultured. Additionally, set your calendars and work yourself into a frenzy because SGA elections are coming up on April 8th. Good luck with midterms and see you next week!

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