Bwoglines: Not What it Seems Edition

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Will and Kate’s future child

Kate Middleton is having a… dingo? A dachshund? A dinosaur? Recent developments suggest that it might be any one of those three. (E! News)

Folks, you can rest easy tonight. Turns out that Miley Cyrus’ wedding is still on. (Newsday)

Columbia earns a reputation for hoarding, proving once again that the New York Times only reports on the hard-hitting issues that really matter. (NY Times)

The KKK sighting at Oberlin that canceled classes might have been a false alarm. (Slate)

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  1. Michael

    Nice to see Bwog calling out NYT on the basis of lackluster content. Keep it classy guys.

  2. A guy  

    Damn, I was looking forwards to singing "God Save the King" a lot.

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